terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2007

Open letter to Sarah Bettens

Dear Sarah,

Before I get started, let me thank you for going lesbian. I'm not gonna say every women should do the same because that way things would be kinda scarce for my team, but it's always nice to have women like you who are willing to follow that road, thus allowing the most widespread fantasy among men to keep on living. For that, Sarah, I'm thankful.

Your voice is good, no doubt about that. It seems like you sing from your throat, and despite being unable to tell if your voice is either husky or something else, it's really enjoyable to listen to. It's somewhat girlish your music, although to be honest I am of the opinion that every man is allowed to hear a girly song every now and then, even shed a tear - and I'm not talking about the ones he's entitled to whenever his soccer(it's pretty big in Portugal) team loses an important game - while he's at it, as long as the reason is valid. However, do that often and you're not a man, you're a queer. Out of curiosity, how does the man of your relationship handles this? I mean, she's a woman that acts like a man but in the end she's gay. It must be tough.

The reason I'm writing you this letter is simple: I like one of your songs, Stay, specially the chorus. Bearing in mind that I didn't have to pay for it since I downloaded the song, I thought the least I could do was thank you for it. Don't get mad at me, if I were you I would be glad, you know I'm not that big a fan of this type of music, the thing is I actually like this song quite a lot. Maybe it was because I crashed into it while reading an increíble text, which I just finished re-reading a few minutes ago, where the music fitted like a glove.

Well I gotta run, tomorrow's my first day after spring break, need to get some sleep.

Zé Maria Júdice

P.S.- If you happen to be a threesome fan, I'm in.

(A pedido de mis compañeros de piso)

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