segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Oh, the subtlety

"You'll meet someone that'll make you feel seasick", he heard a voice saying to him, in what seemed to be a dream, even though he felt wide awake and focused in the battle that was about to begin. «That's something impossible», he thought. «There's no account in history books of a warrior suffering from seasickness, and the war is taking place nowhere near the sea, so I've got nothing to worry about». He refuses to admit it but he considered, for a moment, taking a few anti-sickness pills with him - he immediately put the idea aside, because there was also no register of a medicine-carrier warrior and he certainly didn't want to be first one. After all, a warrior shall carry to the battlefield nothing but his sword, axe and courage (and a few clothes, if possible, but no boxers). And so he did, as he entered the war scenario rising his sword and waving his axe, ready to fight anything that dared to cross his path.

Little did he know that, later into the battle, he would stumble upon someone that looked like bridget jones but sure wasn't one, and by being no bridget jones he just couldn't understand if he should or should not feel threatened by her, and by not being able to understand so - along with the "ands" and "ifs" that kept popping-up inside his head - he started to feel that seasickness he had been warned about. «Damn, I really should've had brought those stupid pills with me», he secretly thought (but if you happen to accidentally meet him and ask him that same question now, he'll most likely deny it and affirm, in an all so superior and warriorish way, that pills are for losers).

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