sábado, 30 de junho de 2007

Kate (faz) Mossa

I'm into visual lately. Cause sometimes words just won't do the job properly. It's not that they don't want to, they just can't. If you think about it, they're nothing more than a whole bunch of letters put together, and you can't ask letters to sting you the way a bee does, to stick you the way only a dagger has learned how to master, to leave a mark that becomes a part of yourself. The cliché of the image being worth more than a thousand words was created for some reason. That's the thing with clichés, despite their clichéissness, they make sense and they're more than just a few letters that decided to get together, a few letters that got ambitious and wanted to become words and eventually -que locas- a sentence.

Anyway, this visual is good. And I'm drunk, which added up to the heavy snoring that is taking place right next to me makes it really hard to fall asleep, hence the post.

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lexxa disse...

and why this in English, he?
snoring worse than the shelf?
poor you..
your choice..
here's my morning:

..and I was wishing to have some company..
It was great..