terça-feira, 19 de junho de 2007


Ibiza is hard to explain. The island, but specially Ibiza City (or Eivissa in Catalan), which is the capital of the island, and Sant Antonio, the other party town, makes it possible for one to actually breathe sex. Same goes with alchool, and drugs, if one wants. Everyone is there with two simple goals: get wasted and get laid. What's more curious is that it's not even necessary to go to the big discos to realize that, a simple walk around the cities will do the trick.

It's like sex, drugs, and...dance music. Rock 'n' roll was replaced by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Paul Van Dyk, and so on. All the top DJs have their own night in one of the clubs, where the entrance fee is at least 35 euros, no drinks included. Crazy, huh?

One has to be there to understand the madness taking place, which can get even more frightening if you take into account that I was there in a relatively calm period, when the engines are still warming up. Still, Ibiza has more than that to offer.

More? Way more! Countless small beaches with crystalline white water, beaches that seem intentionally protected by nature from all the crazyness that takes place where the noise is. Add to that a castle, Dalt Vila its name, world heritage, on the highest part of Eivissa, where the sights are, to say the least, breathtaking, and the inside makes it look as though the walls kept protecting it after the classic and medieval periods.

And then there was Formentera...despite the 32 euros for a 25 minutes boat ride, a bike that drove someone crazy, a tasteless pie and a costa azul that was not so blue in the end, Formentera is a must with its stunning green simplicity. Maybe it was because nothing could ruin it, and when it's like that it's all good.

Also, there was a sunset. Not just a sunset, the sunset. Everyone who is into chill-out, like I am since a long time ago, has already heard about Café del Mar and its mythical sunset. Let me tell you that it's all you can think of and much more. The picture you have right now in your mind, double it, but don't forget to add a chill-out beat to the back wall of your thoughts, along with a bottle of white wine and the right company. Don't double it, just zoom it as much as you can so as to make the most out of each detail, then you'll understand how good it is. If I had to choose a word to define it, chilled would be it. It just fits. In a chilled, soothing, embracing way.

I was almost forgetting the dinners. Yes, the dinners...each one different, each one the same, each one special. Just like everything else.

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francisco l. disse...

ja percebi que curtiste... ainda bem fico contente por ti o unico comentário que posso fazer é q fiquei com vontade de lá ir... abr