segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Appetizer for bigger things

Of course I am not scared. Heathrow. Metro. Most ridiculous bomb threat ever. Draycott. Family. The Phene. Controlled drunkness (good job). Draycott. Family. Aubaine. Bittersweet breakfast. Portobello. Street singing. Can I buy those tears? Portobello. Active vintage silences all over the place. Freud Museum. Breaking the law (here's the couch, here's your picture). Camden Town. Banksy. Cabaret Pub. Original fish and chips pie (straight from the tank). Camden Town. Lights and colours. Smells and looks like Bangkok already. Draycott. Family. The mistery boot. Watermelon martinis. Hakkasan. Best chinese food ever (no unanimity here). Draycott. Family. Thames strolling. Tate Modern. Ai Weiwei, Ai weiwei. Where's the gardener my friend? Pollock et al. Fashion assisting. Best picnic ever. Feeling a Londoner already. I could actually live here. Time to go. Family. When do you return? When do we return? Metro. Heathrow. Of course I am not scared.

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