sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

Ich verstehe nicht

Comecei a aprender alemão. O objectivo? Conseguir cooperar um dia, em regime Rosa Lobato Fariesco, com os Rammstein. Contudo, e por ora, só me apetece espancar à vergastada o gajo que decidiu inventar o "neutrum". Realmente, der e die são claramente insuficientes. To hell with das linguistic eunuchs!

And now, for you, and you only: ich f%=$& (that's how they say it back there in Ze Germany) mag dich, meine funfin.

3 comentários:

lexxa disse...

i haven't been here for ages, then all of a sudden i stop by here finding a german title. how funny is that? :)
so you started leraning german? how does it come?
good luck and hugs from autria
(yes, we also speak german, although it might sound a bit weird to those learning the "official" version :))

rosé mari disse...

hello!how are you?? hehe it is indeed a coincidence...I have decided to start because I wanted to learn a new language, but it is f%!"$%/ hard lol the ü always reminds me of münchen lol kiss and I hope everything's fine with you!!

lexxa disse...

München! Haha! But I remember you having troubles with the "ch", not with the "ü". I bet you'll succeed quickly. Let me know when you speak it fluently, this is something I definitely wanna hear!! You are always welcome here in Salzburg! :D Kisses!